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Seven green flags to look for in a private cloud provider

Choosing the right type of cloud can be challenging. And, getting it wrong can lead to inefficiencies, wasted resources, security concerns, and more.

Often, the red flags aren’t obvious until it’s too late and your business is locked in with a cloud provider that isn’t quite right.

To help you avoid this, we’ve put together a list of the green flags you should look for in a cloud provider.

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The performance benefits of choosing private cloud from a telco

De-risking cloud migrations is essential for organisational success.

Choosing a private cloud solution from a telecommunications provider can deliver performance, reliability, and a strong user experience.

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Benefits of TPG Telecom Private Cloud

Connectivity over fibre at speeds of
up to 10Gbps and unlimited data
transit in or out of your organisation.
Full control and access through
dedicated servers.
Easy, swift migration with minimal
business disruption.
Bill shock protection with high-speed
unmetered access.

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TPG Telecom Private Cloud

Moving to the cloud is more important than ever in an era of remote working and modernisation. However, uncertainty around control, costs, network performance, and migration complexity can hold some businesses back.

With TPG Telecom Private Cloud, we’ll let you focus on what’s important to your business while we manage the cloud hardware infrastructure.

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