You focus on your business;
we’ll take care of your infrastructure.

What if you could move to a private cloud and achieve similar control and visibility as an on-premises or co-located service with clarity around price, reliability, scalability, and simplicity.

Delivered out of TPG Telecom owned and operated data centres, our raw compute and raw storage infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) solution is ideal for multi-site businesses.

TPG Telecom Private Cloud frees you up from spending time on hardware maintenance, data centre security, ongoing expenses, and break-fix. This lets you focus on the applications that drive your core business, giving you full visibility along with price clarity, reliability, scalability, and simplicity.

We can provision your private cloud infrastructure fast; in some cases, we can achieve this within a couple of hours compared to the weeks or months it might typically take to scale infrastructure within your existing environment.

You even retain total control of your data because we don’t believe in ‘cloud lock’. Move in and out of our environment as you please without the threat of additional costs.

Provide your business with the infrastructure to empower success.

TPG Telecom Private Cloud delivers the infrastructure
your business needs to operate efficiently at speed.

It provides your business with:

High-speed bandwidth
Direct control
High-speed fibre extension
to your existing IT
Seamless integration
We can make our
infrastructure look similar
to yours.
No variable costs
All-inclusive fixed costs
means bill shock
Migration is easy,
quick, and efficient.
No ‘cloud lock’
You control your
environment without cost
Local support
We provide 24/7 business
support and dedicated
account management by
an all-local cloud support
Hypervisor agnostic
Install any hypervisor
supported by the
underlying servers.
Rest assured that, with TPG Telecom Private Cloud, the
backbone of your business will always be ready to
support all your operating needs.

Multiple location solution

In a post-pandemic world, we are re-imagining our future, and centralising our infrastructure is a key factor in giving our industries the freedom to respond to the changing environment.
These days it just doesn't make sense for organisation to host hardware in disperate locations. Hire companies, councils and management makes more sense both financially and practically.

TPG Telecom Private Cloud has service options across Australia

TPG Telecom can deliver Private Cloud environments across New South Wales, Queensland, and Victoria with two hubs in Sydney, one in Richmond (Melbourne), and one in Fortitude Valley (Brisbane). TPG Telecom is the only provider to offer a hyperscaler in Queensland. Regional areas are also not forgotten with access available through the TPG high-speed carrier network.


Supported by enterprises software from Cisco and NetApp, and stored within TPG Telecom's own core environment, TPG Telecom Private Cloud is constantly assessed and upgraded to protect its reputation for delivering security, stability, and speed.

To find out how TPG Telecom Private Cloud can transform your business, contact the team today.